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Myles Nottingham

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Myles Nottingham

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A little bit about me.

Experienced industrial machine programmer turned backend web developer with a strong background in Ruby on Rails. Skilled in Python, SQL, HTML, CSS, and more. Passionate about test-driven development and maintaining clean, readable code. Proven track record in remote work and effective collaboration. Ready to leverage my diverse skill set to make an immediate impact on your team.

My passion for Software Development began after a ten-year career as an industrial and home automation engineer where I sharpened my troubleshooting skills and honed my ability to design robust systems, primarily through programming PLCs.

The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the importance of having a career that could be pursued universally, transferred across industries, and executed remotely. With this in mind, I recognized a unique opportunity to transition into Software Engineering. I completed several certification courses before ultimately enrolling full-time at The Turing School of Software & Design. After graduating, I decided to further my education by pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Colorado State University Global.

I couldn't be more excited to embark on this new path, refine my skills, and continue building innovative solutions.

Feel free to reach out at

Languages and Tools

Ruby on Rails Ruby Python C Arduino Git HTML5 CSS3 Bash PowerShell

Preferred locations

  • Denver, CO
Open to other locations and/or remote work

Previous industries

  • Computer Hardware
  • Computer Networking
  • Computer Software
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Industrial Automation
  • Information Technology and Services
  • Leisure, Travel & Tourism
  • Mechanical or Industrial Engineering
  • Professional Training & Coaching
  • Recreational Facilities and Services
  • Telecommunications


  • ActiveRecord
  • Android
  • Apple
  • Bash
  • C
  • CSS3
  • Figma
  • Git
  • GitHub
  • GitHub Projects
  • Google
  • HTML5
  • iOS
  • LinkedIn
  • Miro
  • PostgreSQL
  • Postico
  • Postman
  • Product Management
  • Python
  • Quality Assurance / QA
  • Rails
  • Render
  • RSpec
  • Ruby
  • Slack
  • SQL
  • Trello
  • Ubuntu
  • User Authentication
  • Visual Studio

Currently learning

  • Engineering Management
  • Salesforce
  • Swift
  • User Experience Design / UX
  • User Interface Design / UI




Project scope time 80 hours
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Tools Used

  • CircleCI
  • Cypress
  • PostgreSQL
  • Postman
  • React
  • RSpec
  • Ruby
  • Sass
  • TypeScript

BackYarder is an innovative app designed to revolutionize the way gardeners brainstorm and optimize their gardens! This app empowers gardeners of all skill levels to create their dream gardens with ease. Key features include a large database of plants with detailed information, including care instructions, and a drag-and-drop tool to experiment with different arrangements. BackYarder enables the user to create a beautiful garden tailored to their unique vision. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting your gardening journey, this app will be the perfect companion for you!

Launch the App Code Repository
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Lunch and Learn Project

Lunch and Learn Project

Project scope time 20 hours

Tools Used

  • Postman
  • Rails
  • RSpec
  • Ruby

This project is an API-based application aimed at providing various functionalities related to recipes, learning resources, user registration, and favorites. The API endpoints are designed to fulfill specific requirements and provide relevant responses. The project incorporates external APIs such as the REST Countries API, Edamam Recipe API, YouTube API, and the Unsplash API.

Learning Goals The primary learning goals of this project include:

Building an API application using Rails in --api mode Implementing API endpoints to fulfill specific requirements Integrating with external APIs to gather data Handling authentication and user registration using bcrypt Serializing API responses for specific endpoints Conducting testing with RSpec to ensure functionality and proper responses

Code Repository
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