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Lauren DeLaRosa

Front End Developer
Pronouns she/her
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About me

Hi there I am an Army veteran with a background in social work turned software developer. With a strong background in the military and a degree in social work, I have always been passionate about finding ways to make essential services accessible to all, regardless of their background. Currently, I am a student at Turing School of Software and Design, where I am gaining the skills and knowledge needed to turn this passion into a reality through software development.

I am currently honing my skills in front-end development. As a student at Turing, I am learning JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and React among other programming languages and technologies. I am excited to apply these skills in developing user-friendly and accessible interfaces that will enhance the user experience and promote accessibility for all.

Preferred locations

  • None specified
Open to remote work

Previous industries

  • Construction
  • Hospitality
  • Individual & Family Services
  • Military


  • JavaScript

Currently learning

  • React


Rhythm & Rizz

Rhythm & Rizz

Project scope time 30 hours
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Tools Used

  • CSS3
  • Cypress
  • Express
  • GitHub
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • React

Introducing Rhythm & Rizz, a revolutionary poetry platform designed for the modern wordsmith and poetry enthusiast. Imagine a world where the power of expression knows no bounds, where poetry flows freely from the hearts and minds of individuals eager to share their creative essence. With Rhythm & Rizz, you step into a vibrant community where poetic musings come to life. Post your verses, rhyme schemes, and heartfelt emotions, and watch your words resonate with a supportive and engaged audience. Dive into an expansive collection of poems from fellow users, each stanza a glimpse into a different soul. Rhythm & Rizz provides a sanctuary for creativity, a space where your poetic voice finds its rhythm and resonates with a global audience eager to be inspired, moved, and connected through the beauty of words. Join us and let the poetry pulse through your veins in the rhythmic symphony of Rhythm & Rizz.

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