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Ethan Bustamante

Back End Engineer
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About me

Hi, my name is Ethan Bustamante, and I am a back-end software developer whose journey began way back in childhood years from a simple interest in computers.

Team collaboration has always been a joy for me growing up and even now; it's even more of a joy when the collaboration reaches a team win. Growing up I played sports such as basketball and football and there was nothing better than a team jumping up and down over the win we just had. Later on in my life, I was able to rediscover this joy when I took a computer science class in high school and I worked with a team to make a game like the Google "Run!" game. It took some time, problem solving, and dealing with a lot of bugs but we achieved the functionality and a team win. This class introduced my interest and passion for tech; tech having collaboration, challenges, and endless continuous learning; later I enrolled in Turing School of Software and Design in the Back End program.

This program brought many new skills and helped developed them in the process and throughout the time of the program. During the countless team projects, I was able to continuously learn both independently, through being resourceful, and also through collaboration. Throughout Turing I was able to realize that being a team can also be fun and rewarding. When working with teams, it was really a joy to sit and be receptive to the team and their thoughts and opinions, and then it was also a joy to contribute and bring new ideas to the table. I continue to look forward to bring an open receptive mind to team collaboration and I look forward to the joy from the team wins.

Preferred locations

  • Denver, CO
Not open to other locations

Previous industries

  • Telecommunications
  • Consumer Services
  • Retail
  • Restaurants


  • ActiveRecord
  • Git
  • GitHub
  • Postman
  • Rails
  • RSpec
  • Ruby
  • SQL
  • Trello
  • Visual Studio

Currently learning

  • CircleCI
  • Docker


Experience Exchange

Experience Exchange

Project scope time 40 hours

Tools Used

Experience Exchange is an app that allows users to search for interests and or hobbies to learn from other local or remote users; the primary technologies used in this were Rails and TypeScript. The main learning goals of this project were to learn how to operate as a full-stack team and generate location from geocoding. The stretch goal we were able to fulfill as a backend team was integrating Docker on our microservice, which allowed us to containerize it and its dependencies.

Code Repository
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Project scope time 30 hours

Tools Used

FlickPick is an app that helps and allows users to decide on a movie together with their movie party; there were a total of 4 contributors and the primary technologies used were Rails, Bootstrap, and ActionCable. The main learning goals of the project were to create an app with friendly user-interface, was mobile friendly, and that had real time updates when a majority decision was made by the users in the movie party. The stretch goal we accomplished was using ActionCable, which allowed WebSocket integration and real-time communication between the server and all the users.

Code Repository
Screenshot detail for project FlickPick
Screenshot thumbnail #1 for project FlickPick Screenshot thumbnail #2 for project FlickPick