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Matisse Mallette

Back End Engineer
Pronouns He/Him
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About me

I started programming video games in middle school with Java and eventually C++. What started merely as a hobby eventually grew into a deep curiosity for software and how it was made. The idea of building something and seeing it be used in a meaningful way by others is what drove me to pursue this career path.

I was thrilled to learn about the Turing bootcamp from a friend who had great success in the program. They were aware of my interest technology, and encouraged me to attend, saying it was the perfect place to hone my programming skills and kickstart my career in web development.

During the program, I was exposed to a wide range of coding languages and had to familiarize myself with a number of new technologies as well as an entirely new framework. It has been a challenging but incredibly rewarding experience to see my coding skills improve and to develop a deeper understanding of how to build user-friendly, functional websites.

I particularly enjoyed the collaborative nature of the program. Working alongside my peers to solve complex problems and build effective solutions is incredibly rewarding. I am excited to continue learning and growing as a developer and look forward to exploring new technologies and ways to make a positive impact through my work.

Preferred locations

  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Denver, CO
  • Detroit, MI
  • Washington, DC
Open to other locations and/or remote work

Previous industries

  • Food Production
  • Warehousing


  • C++
  • Continuous Integration
  • Django
  • Git
  • GitHub
  • Java
  • PostgreSQL
  • Python
  • Rails
  • RSpec
  • Ruby
  • SQL

Currently learning

  • Rust
  • TypeScript




Project scope time hours
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Tools Used

  • CSS3
  • Google
  • HTML5
  • PostgreSQL
  • Rails
  • Ruby
  • SQL

Onyva is a vacation planning platform where users can create and invite others to trips, view information about their destination, and find nearby restaurants and events.

Programmed in Ruby, the core of the back end is built with Rails and PostgreSQL. It acts as an API, and is responsible handling requests from the front end, storing and manipulating data, and querying external APIs.

The front end similarly uses Rails as well as Bootstrap to consume the back end API and render functional, aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly webpages.

The project makes use of various technologies and concepts for its functionality. Some are implemented in the form of Ruby 'gems' (libraries), while others are a result of how we decided to design our application.

This functionality includes:

  • Google OAuth
  • External API consumption
  • Persistent user profiles
  • HTML styling
  • Caching
  • Back end functioning as API
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Lunch and Learn

Lunch and Learn

Project scope time 40 hours

Tools Used

  • Rails
  • RSpec
  • Ruby

Lunch-and-Learn is a an API which allows users to search for recipes, add recipes to favorites, and get information for a particular country. The application functions as a microservice meant to be consumed by larger projects.

  • Adheres to REST conventions
  • Adheres to JSONAPI specification for response formatting
  • Built using test-driven development
  • Consumes several external APIs
Code Repository
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