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Turing grads have the tools they need to ramp up on your tech stack and start making contributions quickly.

Why Turing?

Turing students spend seven months studying either Back End or Front End Engineering. Separate programs with a longer time frame allow students to get a deeper understanding of their chosen specialty in addition to the basic skills needed to work in a modern web development team. When Turing students graduate, they're ready to hit the ground running.

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Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum Overview provides a brief description of the material covered in our programs, and both our Front End Curriculum Site and our Back End Curriculum Site are open to the public if you'd like to learn more. Don't be concerned if you don't see your particular set of tools covered. Because our graduates build a foundation in problem-solving, collaboration, and fast-learning, we find that about a quarter of them end up working in technologies we don't teach directly, including common languages and frameworks like Python, Java, Salesforce, Angular, and TypeScript.

“Overall I would say that Turing school graduates are more technically competent and versed in modern technology stacks than the average CS college graduate.”

Seth Urban

Director of Quality and Reliability at AppOmni

Turing Employer

“Turing is where I learned to learn and that's the only constant in software.”

Adrienne Domingus

Turing graduate and Senior Software Engineer, Etsy

“Over the years, I've hired a lot of Turing graduates. Demo Comp was a reminder of why. The quality of the applications built under aggressive deadlines by the students is evidence of the depth of the students' instruction and work.”

Eric Spery

VP of Engineering at Housecall Pro

Turing Employer and Demo Competition judge

“Turing grads come equipped with an unmatched set of technical and collaboration skills paired with high level problem-solving abilities.”

Julian Feliciano

Turing graduate and Lead Engineer at Stitch Fix

“Being professionals from past lives, the demo team members brought the logistics of good collaboration to the table. This is a bonus for employers like AMN, unlike hiring students straight out of the 4-year colleges in CS, MIS, IS. It takes significant time to teach the art of collaboration and other nuances of being effective in an SDLC team. Turing students have an extra advantage.”

Rumpa Giri

Senior Director of Product Engineering at AMN Credentialing Solutions/Silversheet

Turing Employer and Demo Competition judge

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Want to know more about the work we do here at Turing? Or to learn about what makes graduates like Adrienne and Julian so special? Or even how our demo competition helps students prepare for their dev career? Read about all of that and more on our blog.


Operating since 2014, Turing has a proven track record of successfully preparing students to start their career in software development. Our Outcomes Page includes reports that we've created for the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting as well as quarterly reports of the success that our graduates have been able to achieve.

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