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Nick Edwin

Software Engineer
Pronouns He/Him
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About me

Fun loving, hard-working Jr. Dev ready to make a name for himself in the tech industry. After a successful career in hospitality I understand that the core purpose of customer facing jobs is empathy. Though I may no longer be talking directly with my customers, I'm ready to take my deep understanding of their needs and apply it directly to the software my team and I develop.

Preferred locations

  • Boulder, CO
  • Denver, CO
  • New York, NY
Open to other locations and/or remote work

Previous industries

  • Hospitality


  • Bootstrap
  • CSS3
  • Git
  • GitHub
  • Heroku
  • HTML5
  • Linux
  • Mentorship
  • PostgreSQL
  • Rails
  • RSpec
  • Ruby
  • Slack
  • Software Architecture
  • SQL
  • Travis

Currently learning

None specified


Grow Ops

Grow Ops

Contribution time 80 hours

Tools Used

The idea behind this application is to give users a guide to set up and plan their own garden. The user will simply need to add the size of their garden, their zip code, and the estimated lighting, and our app will give a list of all the possible vegetables and how many they can plant within their garden.After a user enters their information we use 3 API calls to process the data. First we converst zip code to lat/long coordinates using the Open Data Soft API. After that we use the Soil Grids API to find the soil pH in that users area. Finally we use the Trefle API to return plants that grow best in those soil conditions (if no pH informtion is available we use the light information provided by the user to find plants.)

My areas of focus:
Google OAuthMVCRuby on RailsSinatraAPI consumptionBootstrap CSS stylingPostgreSQLDatabase creation / management

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Adopt Don't Shop

Adopt Don't Shop

Contribution time 50 hours

Tools Used

Pair programming project in which we created a mock animal adoption website. This website has the ability to list shelters, pets and reviews for each shelter. Users can save their favorite pets to a 'Favorites' list and then submit applications for each pet. Applications can be approved, denied, and edited. 

My areas of focus:
TDDMVCRailsActiveRecord / SQLDatabase creation / relationshipsSessions / Cookies / Flash messagesRESTful routing

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Lien Flash

Lien Flash

Contribution time 60 hours

Tools Used

Often after a contractor has finished a job for a client the bill is not fully paid (or sometimes not at all!) When this happens there is a legal process which they can pursue called 'filing a lien'. A lien is a legal claim against the property where the contractor provided goods and/or services. If successful, it gives power to the court to sell the property in order to pay the contractor. There are numerous steps to this process. All of which require the services of expensive lawyers. First the client must have their lawyer file a "Notice of Intent to File a Lien." After that they must then actually File the Lien at the county clerk's office in the county where the property is located. Both of these steps must be completed within a very specific timeline or the contractor's ability to file a lien expires.Enter Lien Flash - This application makes it easy for contractors to track multiple jobs with ease. It also enables them to retain a lawyer who specializes in the lien process at a discount. When a job is unpaid and considered 'late', notifications are sent to the contractor (email and text) from the app which give them the option to start the lien process. When they decide to proceed with the lien, the app will keep them updated on every step of the process and the services from the lawyer will be far less than if they went outside of Lien Flash. These multiple scheduled reminders make it impossible for the busy contractor to miss the legal deadlines that would limit his/her ability to get paid.

My areas of focus:
TDDRuby on RailsCron job rake tasksEmail/Text notifications using SendGridJSON data serializationDatabase creation/management

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