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Logan Riffell

Backend Engineering
Pronouns he/him
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About me

Hi, I'm Logan! I'm a software developer recently graduated from Turing School of Software & Design. Before Turing I was attending college as a Software Development major and have loved coding since I started. One thing I like about development is that a developer has a mindset to figure things out themselves, and the vast amount of resources on the internet makes that much easier and fun. Another reason I think software development is for me is because I find it a very natural way to think. I've always felt that I had a more logical approach to life which shows in my development. I found and loved software development on my own, but I have family who are also programmers. They encouraged me to pursue my dream which brought me to Turing and further solidified my desire to become a software developer on a tight-knit team. 

Preferred locations

  • Denver, CO
  • Elkhart, IN
Open to other locations and/or remote work

Previous industries

  • Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing


  • CSS3
  • Git
  • GitHub
  • HTML5
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Jest
  • Node.js
  • PostgreSQL
  • Python
  • Rails
  • RSpec
  • Ruby
  • SQL

Currently learning

  • C#


Feed the People

Feed the People

Project scope time 60 hours
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Tools Used

Feed the People is a recipe sharing/philanthropy application that allows users to share recipes, linked to their chosen Non-Profit for donations. Users can browse the shared recipes, see pictures and descriptions in their feed, and then Donate $1+ to gain access to the full recipe details including instructions, ingredients, etc.

My areas of focus:
Focused on learning and utilizing technologies that we've never used before like creating queries and mutations through graphQL. Helped consume the backend API on the frontend side and other variouss frontend associated work.

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Viewing Party

Viewing Party

Project scope time 50 hours

Tools Used

Viewing Party is an api-focused app which allows for users to add friends, search movies, and create parties with friends.

My areas of focus:
My main focus in this app was to consume our first api within a project. The objectives were for the most part to learn the very fundamentals around apis and to actually implement one in a way that makes sense within an app.

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My Solar Garden

My Solar Garden

Project scope time 60 hours
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Tools Used

My Solar Garden allows users to track the health of their gardens through light, temperature, and moisture sensors connected to RaspberryPis. A user can use these sensors to anticipate or react to inclement weather to keep their gardens safe whether indoors or outdoors. 

My areas of focus:
Worked with hardware to gather sensor readings from a garden and put them into the database. Then displayed those results as a chart with an option for a user to select which readings they would like based on how long ago those readings were.Utilized: - Python - Raspberry Pi - RoR - OAuth - Javascript 

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