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Jim Riddle

Back-End Engineer
Pronouns he/him
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About me

Hello! My name is Jim Riddle, and I'm finishing up the backend program and ready to launch my tech career.

I studied Industrial Engineering in college, and eventually wound up in the logistics / supply chain industry by way of manufacturing. The past 8 years in manufacturing / supply chain have taught me an incredible amount of how to deliver solutions / savings for customers both internal and external, as well as develop project management / leadership skills. Running XC / Track competitively at a national level at a Big Ten University taught me how to manage my time, lead other teammates, and thrive in competitive situations.

I always knew I wanted to help others, and at various points throughout my career I was able to build tools to do exactly that. I felt most alive when creating a simple tool to make others jobs easier. I put that interest into action by taking a leap into software development to build the required skills to continue that dream in the tech industry.

I am thrilled to see where this career takes me.

Preferred locations

  • Chicago, IL
Open to remote work

Previous industries

  • Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing
  • Logistics and Supply Chain
  • Warehousing


  • Git
  • GitHub
  • Heroku
  • PostgreSQL
  • Rails
  • Ruby

Currently learning

  • Django
  • Python


Moon Gardens - Consultancy Project

Moon Gardens - Consultancy Project

Project scope time 100 hours
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Tools Used

Service Oriented Architecture application with complete front end and back end functionality

Back end application exposes several API’s for the front end to consume, with the front end consuming external seven APIs directly utilizing different requests

Allows a user to create and add plants to a garden based on lunar recommendations, complete with a section for land acknowledgements

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Foodive - Capstone Project

Foodive - Capstone Project

Project scope time 80 hours
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Tools Used

Stretch tech utilizes PWA on the frontend, Python / Django on the backend to build a fully functional Service Oriented Architecture application

Users can access application on desktop or download it on the app store to use on their mobile device

92% feature coverage on backend, testing edge cases such as when a user submits a request with incorrect or missing API key

Built for indecisive restaurant goers in mind, the app allows a user to find a random restaurant given food category and geographical location

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Screenshot detail for project Foodive - Capstone Project

Viewing Party Lite - Paired Project

Viewing Party Lite - Paired Project

Project scope time 50 hours
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Tools Used

Monolithic app consumes a movie database API and allows users to search movies by rating and by keywords

Allows users to create viewing parties and invite existing users utilizing a many to many relationship

Login and Register capabilities that allows developers to remove ID in routes to utilize sessions and cookies

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