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Melissa VanKempen

Front-End Software Engineer
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About me

A true people person that enjoys coding, helping and engaging with others.  I've learned that if you are able well with communicate with others, humble and grateful, you are prone to be successful agile developer and will deliver a project that not only meets the demand of the user, it hopefully exceeds it. And having a little fun along the way with your team helps too.  

Preferred locations

  • Boulder, CO
  • Denver, CO
Open to remote work

Previous industries

  • Human Resources


  • Git
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Redux
  • Vue.js

Currently learning

  • Ruby




Contribution time 120 hours

Tools Used

Gumbaroo, a top three project for Turing's Demo Competition, was created to help teachers instructing remotely, have an easy way to check for lesson comprehension for 3rd-5th grade students.This project goal was to work with collaboratively with back-end and front-end students to deliver an MVP of our design with a new technology stretch goal.  The goals of the MVP were to create a platform where elementary educators could create assessments of their own choosing, and generate a link to drop into their virtual classrooms. The scores are retrieved for the teacher to view.

My areas of focus:
I focused on a large form that would intake the information submited by a teacher to submit an assessment with questions.I worked with React, Redux and Hooks.  The form needed to be to be disabled until a question, correct answer and at least 1 incorrect answer were submitted.  Upon submission, a card would be populated as a preview, and the teacher had the ability to delete if desired.  Upon submission of assessment, a post call was made to save into the database. Secondly the assessments page needed to refresh to display all the teachers submitted lesson, and upon click of the lesson, additonal data about that specific assessment is displayed.  

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Spirited Quarantini

Spirited Quarantini

Contribution time 80 hours

Tools Used

Visit open source code here: Quarantini was created to help quarantined individuals create stylish cocktails from the comfort of their own home. Once logged in, a user will see a easily naviagatable page, that will automatically display a list of cocktails.  She will be able to click on the cocktail of her choice for futher details, ie: ingredients & instructions. Additionally, the user can favorite a cocktail, or mark it as "made"The user will be able to log out to complete the app experience.    

My areas of focus:
 I created the log capabilites to return a invalid user for those under 21 and to log into the main splash page.  Created header with correct routing and logout feature. I created reuseable component, which was a key focus for each cocktail, thus being able to reuse it for mulitple other pages:Cocktails details random cocktail favorited "I've made it" Technology used:API used: Cocktail databaseReactTypeScriptReact Hooks

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